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About the Research Perspectives Website and Project

This project will provide new ways of viewing EPSRC's ICT (Information and Communications Technology) portfolio to enable researchers, EPSRC staff and other stakeholders to better contribute to ICT strategy.

The project is divided into two main stages. The first will develop new 'Perspectives' on the current portfolio based on existing 'Grants on the Web' data, the second will use spinout workshops to kick-start the use of the Perspectives and provide feedback on best practice from cross-ICT meetings.

In the first phase we will use text mining and simple visualisation techniques to provide 'at a glance' overviews of the portfolio in the form of word-clouds or similar intuitive presentations. All terminology will be derived from the community, either from the grant summaries and titles or by canvassing the community directly. The 'at a glance' views will also provide the top level of an intuitive navigation system which will allow users to rapidly drilldown to project and investigator descriptions using the natural structure inherent in 'Grants on the Web' and derived using text mining.

As well as being viewable on the web these Perspectives will also be available as a set of standalone materials and associated tools for ICT strategy and Network workshops. They will provide an accessible overview of the portfolio and its natural structure. The latter will be presented in interactive dendrogram form to allow easy partitioning for scoping more detailed workshop breakout sessions.

The second phase of the project will focus on networking. Six 'spinout' workshops will be organised by open call that will make use of Perspectives' materials and tools to facilitate brainstorming and road-mapping type activities. Meetings that bring together two or more Networks will be especially sought.

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